Dove and White Wing Hunts

The opening weekend of South Zone dove season is synonomous to a state holiday in Texas. STHO hosts groups of dove hunters from all over the United States for our annual opening weekend dove hunt. It is hard to beat a good dove hunt, if you are looking for a hunting experience full of excitement and fun. Our dove hunts provide excellent hunting opportunities to corporate groups, and medium or small size groups.

Our South Texas Dove hunts take place in several locations. We offer day hunting as well as “all-inclusive” hunting packages. Our day hunting packages are offered in Kleberg, Nueces, San Patricio, and Brooks county. During the beginning of the season we focus our day hunts around the areas of Kingsville, Riviera, Bishop, Alice, Agua Dulce, and Falfurrius. Our “all-inclusive” dove hunting packages are done on ranches in Kleberg and Starr county near Riviera and Roma.

Some of our best dove hunting takes place in milo and sunflower fields. We also hunt over water holes and dove weed. Our dove hunts are pre scouted, this process begins the week before opening day and does not end until our last hunt of the season. We follow the birds through several counties during the season.

Dove Day Hunts

Our day hunts are based on a morning and evening hunt, or a limit of birds. We typically meet at a designated location on the morning of the hunt. Location depends which field we are going to hunt that day. We contact our hunters several days before the hunt to arrange the meeting time and place. After meeting we will drive to the field which is normally less than 15 minutes from town. A guide will give everyone a safety briefing then you will be allowed to hunt. The fields we hunt range in size from 100-700 acres. Each field will only allow a certain number of hunters. Safety is our number one concern, we will not over crowd a field.

Day Hunt- $100.00 Per Hunter

All-Inclusive Dove Hunts

Our all-inclusive dove hunting packages take place near Kingsville and Roma, Tx. These hunts are designed to provide a full service hunt to groups of 10-20 hunters. This package is set up as a 3 day 2 night hunt. Our clients normally arrive the evening before first hunt, dinner is served after everyone arrives in camp. The following day the hunt will start. All meals are included in this package as well as 2 full days of hunting and one half day. Depending on your needs, we can customize this package to suite your groups schedule.

All- Inclusive Dove Hunt- $750 Per Hunter

Special White Wing Hunts

We offer a limited number of early season white wing dove hunts each season. These hunts take place near San Antonio and Pleasanton. These hunts are done only in the evening. Groups of 2- 30 are welcomed.

White Wing Hunts- $150 Per Hunter

Cast And Blast Hunts

STHO offers “cast and blast” hunts, this package combines a morning fishing trip with a evening dove hunt. This hunt normally begins on a Friday with a evening dove hunt, Saturday will include a morning fishing trip followed by a evening dove hunt. Sunday morning will include a fishing trip then departure from the lodge.
We partner with P2 Outfitters for the fishing trips on this package. Lodging is provided as well as meals. We can accommodate up to 10 hunters on this package. We do not combine groups on this package so there is a 10 person minimum.

Cast And Blast Package- $950 Per Hunter

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