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Common questions answered when hunting with our outfit.

Whitetail Hunting 

Why Hunt Whitetail Deer With Us?

South Texas Hunting Outfitters specializes in whitetail deer hunting. We offer guided whitetail hunts on various ranches in South, Central, and West Texas. We have built our business model around whitetail deer and land management in South Texas. STHO manages several ranches totaling over 50,000 acres. We are well prepared to cater to corporate groups, families, individuals, and those with limited physical capabilities.

Description Of Whitetail Hunting Properties And Camps.

We offer many different types of lodging on our whitetail hunts. Our camps range from modest lodging and bunk houses to five star accommodations. We offer clean and comfortable lodging that will suite many different types of clientele. While you are with us you can still enjoy the comforts of home with all of the amenities that we offer.

Our South Texas deer hunts can offer many different types of terrain and vegetation. You can enjoy the typical brush country landscape with mesquite, white/black brush, weisache, and cactus to rolling hills with mixed mesquite flats and oak mots. Most of our whitetail hunts are done on low fence ranches, however we offer guided whitetail hunts on high fence ranches as well. The ranches we hunt range in size from 500 acres to 18,000 acres. Depending on the hunting package that you choose will determine what ranch you will be hunting.

What Is Furnished On A Texas Whitetail Hunt?

Our whitetail hunts are “all-inclusive” hunts. From the time you leave to the time you depart from the ranch we will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is show up ready to have a great time. We provide all of the meals on your hunt, game handling, lodging, and transportation on the ranch. Taxidermy is not included in the cost of your hunt, however we work with a local taxidermist exclusively and pickup of your trophy is available. Prices will vary. Your hunt will be fully guided. One hunter per guide is our standard procedure. Also included in your hunt is the unlimited harvest of hogs and coyotes. We will allow you to harvest all hogs you would like to take home.

Texas Whitetail Hunting License

Texas is a state that does not require a draw or purchase of a specific tag, your license can be purchased over the counter at any local sporting goods store. You may also purchase your license online through Texas Parks And Wildlife’s website. The current cost of a non-resident license in Texas is $315. A youth license is $7. All of the tags that you will need for your hunt are included on the license.

Texas Whitetail Hunting Methods

There are many different methods that we use on our whitetail hunts. Each of our guides has their own preferred method of hunts, as do most of our clients. We normally still hunt out of box blinds over a corn feeder/ corned road. Our ranches are fed year round with corn/ protein feeders. During the Fall we start several mile long feed routes on our ranches. Our guides will feed a series of roads and areas daily to attract and hold deer in the area. Your guide will feed the roads before the hunt then you will hunt over the bait. This is typically the most popular method that we use. During the late November and early December we like to hunt over our feed routes and rattle. This proves to be very successful during that time of year for harvesting mature bucks.

What Can You Expect On Your Texas Whitetail Hunt?

We will give you an honest, professional effort at making sure your hunt is a success. You will be fed well and treated courteous by a staff that is trained at catering to personalized service. On your hunt you can expect to see 20-30 bucks a day. Typically 80% of the deer we harvest will be 8 points or better. We have excellent management programs that are proven. Our low fence ranches do produced 170- 180 class whitetails annually.

We believe that the success of your hunt will depend on how much preparation goes into the hunt. Our staff or guides spend countless hours in the field preparing for your hunt by scouting, feeding, and maintaining our blinds/feeders. Our goal is to provide you with a classic South Texas hunting experience with the quality and service that is second to none.


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Hog/javelina Hunting 

What type of hunting license will I need to buy?

You will need to have a hunting license to hunt hogs in Texas. A non resident type 157 is required if you are not a TX resident. If you are a TX resident you will need a type 101. Please see the TPWD website for more information on hunting licenses-

Location Of South Texas Hog Hunts

We offer hog hunting opportunities on several ranches in South Texas. We hog hunt on ranches that vary in size from 400 acres to 18,000 acres. Most of the ranches that we offer hog hunts on are the same ranches we manage for whitetail hunting. We hunt Frio, Live Oak, Duval, Kleberg, Refugio, and Bee county. Most of our ranches are within 2.5 hours drive from Houston. Many of our ranches are within 1 hour of the Corpus Christi airport.

What Is Included On A Hog Hunt?

Most of the hog hunts that we offer are “semi-guided” hunts. On this type of hunt we will provide the transportation to and from the blind but you will be unguided. A guide will pick you up after each hunt. We do offer all- inclusive hog hunting packages that include meals and full guide services. Game skinning/ quartering is not included on the semi-guided hunts. We provide you access to use our facilities to skin/quarter your hogs at no extra cost. If you would like us to handle your game care we will do so for $25 per hog.

While you are hog hunting with us you are allowed to take an unlimited number of hogs and unlimited coyotes. There are no kill fees or trophy fees. We ask that you only harvest what you are going to consume. If you do not want the meat or you cannot transport the meat we will donate it.

What Is The Best Rifle To Bring On A Hog Hunt?

We recommend a minimum of 100 grain bullet for hogs. Soft point, bonded bullets are ideal. We do allow semi automatic rifles but do not encourage hog hunting with Ar-15 type rifles. Bolt action rifles are recommended. A good scope of at least 4x is recommended.


What Methods Do You Use For Hog Hunting?

Our hog hunts are done similar to our deer hunts. We will hunt out of box blinds over a corn feeder/ corned road. On guided hog hunts we offer safari-style and spot/stalk hunts. We have over 100 bow set ups and welcome bow hunters. Rifle hunting is the most popular with shot distances ranging 80-100 yards. We do not hunt at night. Our hog hunts are done in the morning and evening only.

Our guides have feed routes that are used every morning and evening during the Fall months, this makes the hog hunting in the Spring exceptionally good due to the limited hunting pressure and large amounts of feed.

When Is The Best Time To Hunt Hogs In Texas?

The most popular and best time to hunt hogs in South Texas is in the late Fall, early Spring. The temperatures are still cooler and the hogs are more active during this time. We offer a very limited number of hog hunts in the Fall due to our deer season dates. The ideal time to hunt is January 15- May 1.

What Is The Best Rifle To Bring On A Hog Hunt?

We recommend a minimum of 100 grain bullet for hogs. Soft point, bonded bullets are ideal. We do allow semi automatic rifles but do not encourage hog hunting with Ar-15 type rifles. Bolt action rifles are recommended. A good scope of at least 4x is recommended.


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Turkey Hunting 

Where Will My South Texas Turkey Hunt Take Place?

The ranches we turkey hunt on are primarily in South Texas, however we do offer turkey hunts in West Texas and the Hill Country. Most of the ranches we hunt are between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. We hunt the Dilley, George West, Tilden, Refugio, San Angelo, and Kerrville area. Upon booking your hunt you will receive notification as to which ranch you will be hunting. We let our clients decide where they would like to hunt, pending we have availability on the ranch.

What Can I Expect On My South Texas Turkey Hunt?

Managing our properties and wildlife is a key interest for South Texas Hunting Outfitters, we manage hunting pressure based on the number of birds a property can support. Our hunts are not a guaranteed hunt but we hold a very -90% + shot opportunity rate on our turkey hunts. Most of the turkey hunts that we offer are semi-guided hunts, meaning you are the guide and it is up to you to harvest a bird. We will pre-scout an area and direct you to the best area to hunt based on our scouting results. We do not hunt our roosts, hunters will be asked to stay 300 yards or more away from the roost.

What Is Included With My Turkey Hunt?

Our most popular turkey hunt is the “semi-guided” hunt. This hunt includes lodging and transportation on the ranch. A guide will take you to an area that has been pre-scouted, drop you off, then pick you up when your hunt is over.

What Type Of Terrain Will I Be Hunting?

Our ranches offer different types of landscapes from rolling hills covered in mesquite to cactus flats and oak mots on the river bottom. The type of terrain will depend on which area and ranch you hunt.


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Dove Hunting 

Coming Soon!




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