Hog And Javelina Hunting

Texas is known for the number one hog and javelina hunting destination in the United States or maybe even the world. We offer semi-guided hog and javelina hunts on ranches in South Texas near Laredo, Hebbronville, Pearsall, and Pleasanton. These hunts take place on ranches that are fed year round and have minimal amounts of pressure. Having multiple ranches to hunt allows STHO to manage the hunting pressure and rotate the ranches we hunt.

Hog hunts are only offered February- September. During deer season we do not offer these hunts, many of the ranches where these hunts are offered are the same ranches we offer our whitetail hunts on in the Fall. During the Fall there is limited hunting pressure on varmints including hogs/javelina. This makes it ideal for hunting during the Spring months.

SR Ranch Hog/ Javelina Hunts

The SR Ranch is located South of Hebbronville in Starr county and consists of 7,000 acres. The ranch has been under intensive game management for the last 30 years. Most of the hunting on this ranch is done out of blinds or safari-style. This ranch creates the feel of hunting in Old Mexico without having to cross the border. The spacious lodging offers an authentic feel with modern amenities. This ranch also offers excellent javelina and hog hunting in the off season.

Hog/ Javelina Hunt- $750 Per Hunter

C- Ranch Hog/ Javelina Hunts

Located near Pearsall, Tx this 4,500 acre ranch is bordered by the Leon River. This South Texas ranch has a mixture of river bottom low land and is a hot spot for hog and javelina hunting. Lodging consists of a comfortable yet modest 3 bedroom 2 bathroom camp.

Hog/ Javelina Hunt- $750 Per Hunter

Indian Hill Hog/ Javelina Hunts

This 10,000 acre low fence ranch is located in Webb county in the famous “Golden Triangle” near Laredo, TX. This area is know for having a lot of game and has the true feel of the South Texas Brush Country. This ranch has miles of senderos and ranch roads to drive, while partaking in the traditional “safari-style” way of hunting in the Brush Country. Deer blinds on the ranch are elevated blinds that will hunt 2 people comfortably.┬áThis ranch offers excellent hog and javelina hunting in the Spring months. The ranch is located 2 hours from Corpus Christi, 2 hours from San Antonio, and 4 hours from Houston, TX. We recommend that all scheduled flights be made for San Antonio or Corpus Christi.

Hog/ Javelina Hunt- $750 Per Hunter

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