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What Protein Feed Should I Feed? – South Texas Deer Hunting

A often discussed topic among many campfires is the subject of supplemental feeding for whitetail deer. There are many different varieties of various brands of protein feed on the market, but what makes a protein feed good? Today the deer hunting industry has been...

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Dove Season Is Around The Corner- South Texas Dove Hunts

Summer is almost here which means dove season is around the corner. We have been blessed with a generous amount of rainfall so far this year. Most of our dove fields were planted a little later than normal which will put harvest around the second week of September or...

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South Texas “Golden Triangle” – South Texas Deer Hunting

To most hunters the  "Golden Triangle" is synomomous with giant whitetail deer. So what is the golden triangle? The golden triangle is an area in deep South Texas that encompasses Dimmit, LaSalle, Maverick, Zavala, and Webb county. This area of South Texas or...

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South Texas Turkey Hunting- South Texas Hunting Outfitters

Each turkey season is different and we never know what to expect. This season we started off with gail force winds and rain and ended the season with the similar conditions. We experienced weeks where the birds were communicating rather well despite weather conditions...

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Chronic Waste Disease “The Sky is Not Falling!”

Over the last year the growing issue of CWD has been spreading throughout the state. Often we hear these stories of ranches being taken over by TPWD and deer being euthenized for testing against the landowners consent. Whether this be something that has to be done or...

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Daytime Hogs – South Texas Hog Hunting

Last week we received a much needed 9 inches of rain at the Refugio county ranch, I expected protein consumption to slow down but my guides told me otherwise. The deer are still hammering the Double Down! I have been dreading going out in the pastures after the rain...

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South Texas Turkey Hunting

March has arrived, with that being said I am afraid we are one month closer to triple digit temperatures, rattlesnakes  , mesquites, really all of the unpleasant things about South Texas in the Summer. However, on the bright side turkey season is knocking on the front...

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What Is The Best Hog Attractant? – South Texas Hog Hunting

This topic has been a popular debate amongst hog hunters for sometime. Everyone has their own methods, tricks, and ideas of what works best when it comes to baiting hogs with Hog Attractant. The common goal between everyone is to target hogs into moving their patterns...

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