South Texas Exotic Hunts

Texas Exotic Hunts

Texas has been known for its many diverse exotic species that are both free range and under fenced game ranches. The terrain and climate in the lone star state offers an ideal habitat for most exotic species. In many cases the exotic species that have been introduced to Texas have exceeded the populations of their native origin.

STHO offers exotic hunts on several properties and we do have access to some of the most desirable exotic game. Some of the more popular exotic hunts we offer are axis, sika, black buck, fallow, aoudad, nilgai, and bison.

Most of our exotic hunting packages are set up as “all-inclusive” hunting packages, however there are some cases where these hunts are set up on an arrangement of a daily guide fee and a trophy fee upon harvest. Upon booking you will be informed as to which arrangement is available for the particular ranch and species you are hunting.
Daily fees are typically $250- $350, which includes meals/ lodging and a guide. We do have some hotel hunts where you provide your own meals/ lodging and the daily fees are $150-$175 per day. Once a harvest is made all daily fees are waived.

Texas exotic hunting can be done year round but the most favorable time is during the Spring months (March- May). Certain exotic species are better to hunt at different times. As a rule if you are hunting a hard horned species it is best to hunt during the Fall (September- February). All horned exotic game (nilgai, aoudad) can be hunted year round.
Cost of a non game exotic hunting license is $48.

Exotic Hunting Ranches

Miller Creek Ranch, Johnson City, Tx- All- Inclusive Packages
Aoudad- $2,950
Bison Bull- $3,250
Axis- $3,250
Sika- $2,500

K Ranch, Alice, Tx- All- Inclusive Packages
Nilagi- $2,550
Axis- $2,750

Pizinni Ranch, San Diego, Tx- Day Hunt
Axis- $2,550
Black Buck- $2,250

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