Wildlife Management

South Texas Hunting Outfitters uses professional staff to provide habitat and wildlife management services to landowners. We offer a variety of wildlife and habitat management services in Texas. South Texas Hunting Outfitters works closely with landowners across the state, providing wildlife consultation programs to better manage their property.

We work closely to manage the ranches we conduct our commercial hunting operations on. It is our goal to better these properties and manage the wildlife to allow for a healthier deer herd and to produce higher quality trophy deer. South Texas Hunting Outfitters has built a foundation based off of private landowner trust.

We offer a unique service of creating a Wildlife enterprise plan. This is one of the most popular services we offer aside our wildlife management plans. This plan is designed to generate revenue from hunting and in return improve the ranch. STHO works closely with landowners on many ranches with this program.

Our Services Include:

  • Wildlife Population Surveys
  • Harvest Recommendation And Game Management Plans
  • Wildlife Ag Exemption Plans
  • Retainer Services
  • Wildlife Enterprise Plans
  • Land Clearing
  • Habitat Management
  • Control Burning

References are available.

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